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You must wonder what a Greek in the US is all about… It was December of 2000 when I got 2 suitcases and boarded the Lufthansa flight from Athens, Greece to San Francisco. I was not sure what to expect… Nervous yet excited.

My story differs a lot from those of other immigrants here in the US. I didn’t come here for a better life, nor because I had a school or a college to go to. I came here because of love.

Between the jet lag and the excitement the first days are a blur but what a culture shock that was? Holy smokes, everything was so different to what I was used to. Everything from the roads and the cars on them to the houses and the food on the table!

And that is where my quest for good Greek food started! So hard to find! Yes, there were a couple (seriously just a couple) of good Greek food restaurants around and the rest had just adopted what they thought that Greek food was. It was such a disappointment for me…

You see, I was rather spoiled back home! My mother, who is an awesome cook, owns a great restaurant in Athens called Polypita. Every day, I had the luxury of having great food around and now I was stuck to this!

Through the years, I taught and served my new friends here in the US, all the great Greek food that I had learned to cook back home. and a couple of months ago, they convinced me to start this blog in order to pass to everyone what real good Greek food is.You see, everyone here California knows about Italian food, Chinese, Mexican, you name it! But nobody is really sure how great the Greek food is because a lot of the recipes have mutated.

On another hand, my friends and family back home, always had questions about the life and the food here. So I decided to marry the both of them and came up with this concoction of a blog ” A Greek in the US”.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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