Red velvet cupcakes

Red Velvet cupcakes

    Who doesn’t like red velvet cupcakes? I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t! They are sweet little festive treats.that fill your mouth with joy! In addition, these Red velvet cupcakes are topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting that will make you jump up and down with joy!   These red velvet cupcakes are the perfect treat for this Valentine’s Day but I love to make them at any time since they are so easy to make! Can...

Easy Healthy Brownies

Easy healthy brownies

These easy and healthy brownies are to die for! Yes, they are healthy brownies that do not taste healthy! They take literally 22 minutes to make including the 18 minutes of cooking time. These gluten free brownies are made with black beans and oats so they are packed with nutrients. I had to figure out something quick today for dessert and since John has started his “diet” again it had to be good. So I figured that I would make...

Oat and almond cookies with chocolate chips

Oat and almond cookies with chocolate chips

This oat and almond cookies with chocolate chips are the perfect after school snack or breakfast on the go! This cookie recipe is so simple that you won’t believe your eyes. They are gluten free, full of good for you ingredients, they contain no sugar and they are delicious! They are made with just 4 simple ingredients that more or less we all have in our pantry or if you don’t they can be found at any grocery stores. Bananas,...

Homemade carrot cake

Homemade Carrot cake

You will love this homemade carrot cake! It is incredibly moist and with its ultra creamy cream-cheese frosting, you will go back for seconds! This carrot cake recipe is very popular in the Southern states of the US. This homemade carrot cake recipe is one of those recipes that scream American cuisine!  While the carrot cake isn’t as loved in the other parts of the world here in the US is a staple in all bakeries.. It has great cinnamon...

Ultimate cheesecake recipe, NY style


This is the ultimate cheesecake recipe! Full of flavor and it doesn’t crack no matter how hard you try! It is a traditional NY cheesecake recipe that has been adapted to my Greek standards. It is definitely the best cheesecake recipe, I have tasted! Dense but airy at the same time and no matter what topping you choose, you can never go wrong! Of course you will ask what a cheesecake what does that have to do with Greek cuisine?...

Melomakarona, or Honey dipped greek spiced cookies

Every year, around Christmas time,  in Greece, the melomakarona cookies show up magically in every single home in Greece. Their smell alone wakes up so many memories…What is there not to love? Cinnamon and cloves, honey syrup and chocolate combined! Little bites of heaven that are almost too good for you as they are made primarily with oil instead of butter. The name ” melomakarona“in greek means “honey pasta” but don’t let the name fool you . Try these delicious Greek Christmasy...


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