Traditional Greek appetizers


Lamb burger with tzatziki sauce

Lamb burger with tzatziki sauce

One of my favorite burgers is a lamb burger with tzatziki sauce and arugula followed by a side of warm French fries! Perfect for lunch on a summer day or  just because you want to treat yourself. The lamb burger is rather easy to make and since traditionally, we pair lamb with tzatziki in Greece, I figured that the combination would be nothing less than extraordinary! I am not the one to invent the lamb burger, with tzatziki sauce but...

Delicious baked orzo pasta with lamb stew

Delicious baked orzo pasta with lamb stew

There is nothing better than a Delicious Baked orzo pasta with lamb stew !In Greece we call it “yiouvetsi” , and it is so delicious and juicy! Traditionally, it bakes in a clay pan with a lid on it, so all the juices from the meat stay inside and infuse the pasta, with that distinct aroma. A would do the exact same thing as a slow cooker but both these types of cooking might take 3-4 hours of baking time,...

Tzatziki… the famous and healthy Greek dip

tzatziki and pita bread

All I have to say is that the Greek tzatziki dip is “yummy!”It is full of healthy benefits from the and the savory and refreshing taste makes it unforgettable We all have heard of it and most of us have tasted it. But tzatziki sauce/dip seems to have mutated the last few years both in Greece and here in the USA and I don’t like it Consequently I have decided that it is about time that this delicious greek dip...


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