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Τελειος σπιτικος γυρος!

Homemade Greek Gyro

One of the first things that everyone asks me when they find out that I am Greek is if I have a recipe for an Authentic Greek Gyro recipe or if I know how to make a homemade Greek gyro. The answer of course it would be «yes»!  My mother has one of the best restaurants in Athens, Greece that serves authentic Greek gyro and even though this is not her recipe as she doesn’t share the secret, the flavor...

Oven baked Baby Back ribs

oven backed baby back ribs

  These oven baked baby back ribs are truly one of the easiest recipes for fancy barbecue ever! They are cooked low and slow, which makes them very flavorful and they are so soft that they literally fall of the bone!  I almost didn’t want to share this baby back rib recipe but then I was reminded that with «Tsiknopempti » coming soon in Greece, this would be the perfect recipe for those that don’t want to go out for...

Kλασικη συνταγη για λαζανια

Classic lasagna recipe

This classic lasagna recipe is always a favorite. Sweet and juicy tomato sauce combined with a succulent meat sauce and savory cheeses in an easy pasta dish. The kids always love them and the adults always ask for them. They are always a favorite in an Italian restaurant, as this classic lasagna recipe is always a crowd pleaser. There are hundreds of lasagna recipes. From this classic lasagna recipe to a vegetarian one and then some. I guess the lasagna...


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