Polypita restaurant.

Best restaurant in Athens
Polypita restaurant
Polypita is undoubtedly the best restaurant  in Athens. My brother and I say that it is my mother’s third child.

She has put all her love into it.It started as a coffee shop a few decades ago and because she was there all day, she would cook lunch and dinner for my brother and I to go eat over there. The food though was so good and the smell was so enchanting that the patrons would ask for a bite, just to try it.  Initially she decided to cook just a few extra portions so she can serve it to the customers as a side with the beer or the ouzo during lunch time. Pretty soon, she had to add a second food because the first was not in enough.An then another one…and then another one. The word was out! She is an awesome cook and people had caught in to it!

A few years later, she decided to convert the coffee shop into a restaurant adding traditional gyro and souvlaki sandwiches to it. As a result, Polypita was born!

For years I was really spoiled. I had some of Athens’ best food  on my plate at Polypita restaurant! I can still smell the aroma and taste the flavors. Delicious food that I was just taking for granted because it was my mother that was making it.

Seems like the rest of Athens had the same opinion because Polypita took of and still has people from all over Athens that go to try the food. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in Athens! On some popular plates like the stifado with rabbit or the “lahanodolmades” (stuffed cabbage leaves in avgolemono sauce) you have to call in the morning and reserve your meal since a lot of times they are gone within 30 minutes of the restaurant opening!

When I came to California, a few years later, I realized how good I had it. My quest for good Greek food at the other side of the world was not really successful. Back then Skype and FaceTime didn’t exist so I rank up high phone bills asking  my mom questions on how I can do this or that. From making pastitsio ( the geek version of lasagna) to stuffed tomatoes and everything else you imagine. You can read more About that here.

As a result, over the years, I learned how to cook, and on top of my mother’s recipes I developed my own. Friends and family often commented that I should either open a restaurant or make a website so people can taste all that delicious food. Hence this blog.

But this is about Polypita, the best restaurant in Athens, and my mother, Jenny.She is still there at dawn, making sure that everything is right. From the extra virgin olive oil in the salad to the best quality in produce meats and seafood. Every day…



Polypita is located at 19 Spyrou Merkouri st. Pagrati, Athens Greece.                                                            Telephone:210-7215555.                                                                                                                                     Jenny, my mother, or Andreas, my brother are always there. Maybe one day I will be there as well sharing as meal with you…


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