Easy Healthy Brownies

Easy healthy brownies

These easy and healthy brownies are to die for! Yes, they are healthy brownies that do not taste healthy! They take literally 22 minutes to make including the 18 minutes of cooking time. These gluten free brownies are made with black beans and oats so they are packed with nutrients. I had to figure out something quick today for dessert and since John has started his “diet” again it had to be good. So I figured that I would make...

Oat and almond cookies with chocolate chips

Oat and almond cookies with chocolate chips

This oat and almond cookies with chocolate chips are the perfect after school snack or breakfast on the go! This cookie recipe is so simple that you won’t believe your eyes. They are gluten free, full of good for you ingredients, they contain no sugar and they are delicious! They are made with just 4 simple ingredients that more or less we all have in our pantry or if you don’t they can be found at any grocery stores. Bananas,...

Healthy baked Cod with tomato, capers and olives

baked cod with capers and olives

Super healthy baked Cod, full of flavor and perfect for those of us that are watching our waistlines, if you are on a low carb or even on a gluten free diet. This mediterranean dish is low in calories yet it has a full punch of flavor.  Maybe this recipe is considered Spanish but it is very close to the greek “cod plaki” due to the way of cooking and the flavors involved that  it definitely qualifies . Fresh ripened...

Tzatziki… the famous and healthy Greek dip

tzatziki and pita bread

All I have to say is that the Greek tzatziki dip is “yummy!”It is full of healthy benefits from the and the savory and refreshing taste makes it unforgettable We all have heard of it and most of us have tasted it. But tzatziki sauce/dip seems to have mutated the last few years both in Greece and here in the USA and I don’t like it Consequently I have decided that it is about time that this delicious greek dip...


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