Valentine’s Day Brunch

Valentine's Day

On every holiday I try to do something special for the kids. Given that this year Valentine’s Day falls midweek, I decided to have a big Valentine’s Day brunch this weekend for them, so John and I can have a good excuse to get away on the actual Valentine’s Day. For those of you that are not sure what brunch is, it is a cross between breakfast and lunch. You pretty much have a big late breakfast that fills you...

Authentic Greek Gyro Recipe

Homemade Greek Gyro

One of the first things that everyone asks me when they find out that I am Greek is if I have a recipe for an Authentic Greek Gyro recipe or if I know how to make a homemade Greek gyro. The answer of course it would be “yes”!  My mother has one of the best restaurants in Athens, Greece that serves authentic Greek gyro and even though this is not her recipe as she doesn’t share the secret, the flavor...

Homemade carrot cake

Homemade Carrot cake

You will love this homemade carrot cake! It is incredibly moist and with its ultra creamy cream-cheese frosting, you will go back for seconds! This carrot cake recipe is very popular in the Southern states of the US. This homemade carrot cake recipe is one of those recipes that scream American cuisine!  While the carrot cake isn’t as loved in the other parts of the world here in the US is a staple in all bakeries.. It has great cinnamon...

The best homemade pizza dough

pizza dough recipe

I have been in a quest for the best homemade pizza dough recipe for as long as I have been in the USA. It needs to be delicious and chewy but doughy. Not an easy combination to come by. After a lot of trial and error, I stumbled upon the easiest and simplest to make homemade pizza dough recipe. I did not think much of it, but I made it anyway and it was  finally perfect! The best thing is...

Ultimate cheesecake recipe, NY style


This is the ultimate cheesecake recipe! Full of flavor and it doesn’t crack no matter how hard you try! It is a traditional NY cheesecake recipe that has been adapted to my Greek standards. It is definitely the best cheesecake recipe, I have tasted! Dense but airy at the same time and no matter what topping you choose, you can never go wrong! Of course you will ask what a cheesecake what does that have to do with Greek cuisine?...

Best Homemade pancakes

Best Homemade pancakes

  This easy recipe makes the best homemade pancakes.They are light, fluffy and full of flavor ! Just slightly sweet but enough  to make you want to add some delicious or I know that a lot of people state that their pancakes are “the best” but I can tell you for a fact that these  fluffy pancakes are “simply the best” hands down! This is one of my favorite recipes as it contains ingredients that I always have on hand...


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