Authentic Greek Gyro Recipe

Homemade Greek Gyro

One of the first things that everyone asks me when they find out that I am Greek is if I have a recipe for an Authentic Greek Gyro recipe or if I know how to make a homemade Greek gyro. The answer of course it would be “yes”!  My mother has one of the best restaurants in Athens, Greece that serves authentic Greek gyro and even though this is not her recipe as she doesn’t share the secret, the flavor...

Delicious baked orzo pasta with lamb stew

Delicious baked orzo pasta with lamb stew

There is nothing better than a Delicious Baked orzo pasta with lamb stew !In Greece we call it “yiouvetsi” , and it is so delicious and juicy! Traditionally, it bakes in a clay pan with a lid on it, so all the juices from the meat stay inside and infuse the pasta, with that distinct aroma. A would do the exact same thing as a slow cooker but both these types of cooking might take 3-4 hours of baking time,...

Healthy baked Cod with tomato, capers and olives

baked cod with capers and olives

Super healthy baked Cod, full of flavor and perfect for those of us that are watching our waistlines, if you are on a low carb or even on a gluten free diet. This mediterranean dish is low in calories yet it has a full punch of flavor.  Maybe this recipe is considered Spanish but it is very close to the greek “cod plaki” due to the way of cooking and the flavors involved that  it definitely qualifies . Fresh ripened...


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